Oakville Professional Firefighters Association Benevolent Fund

Our newly created Benevolent Committee (established in 2017) is currently working on developing a mission statement and general operating guidelines.  We are excited about the opportunities before us all that will lead to great things for our community as well as our members own good and welfare.

The Benevolent Committee is: 

  • Jason Barrett

  • Richard Craibbe

  • Andrew Marchand

  • Paul Tirkalas

This page will begin to evolve over the coming months.  Keep an eye on it!

If you have recently welcomed a new

addition to your family, let us know!

If you have lost a family member, please let us know.  As per our AFP's, "The Association may send flowers or a donation and a condolences card upon the death of a relative of one of our active members as follows; wife, husband, child or children, sibling, mother or father"

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